A Reputation of Excellence

" There’s nothing quite like being told you’ve done a great job. Especially when you put your heart and soul into your work, like we do. Here are some nice things our clients and partners have told us. "

Absolutely TOP 3 in the world! TCE delivers a tailor-made service which is much needed in this always-changing business.
TCE is truly connected to its destination and works in partnership with clients and suppliers to create outstanding events that deliver results.
I would like to thank YOU for the great cooperation and your perfect work! It was really a pleasure working with you, hope to repeat it in the near future!
I’ve spoken to my client and they were very pleased with the organization of their event in London last week! Thank you for the good care and hope to work again with you in the near future.
The price reduction which you’ve achieved is nothing but amazing! Almost 40,000, incredible! We really appreciate your help and hard work!.... we feel like we have found such a great and professional and reliable partner with you guys! Germany
Thanks for all your help in setting this up! My team and our guests were incredibly pleased walking away.